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My life has always been about things I love.
I was raised by my loving parents to love God and my family, work hard and always give to others. These are things that matter...they matter...and, are rooted deep in my heart & soul.

I wish I had a really great story to tell, but basically, I'm just a small-town Southern girl with Christian-to-the-core values, hopes, dreams, and a creative side I just can't seem to control. God has Blessed me to be a Momma & Gran to my loves. I am passionate about sharing my values with my family...and, each of you.

I want to extend a BIG THANKS to ALL of YOU.
You guys make my HeArT SING...and, that, is a BIG THING!
To the loyal customers of my little store in Port Neches, TeXaS, the stores that carry my products, those of you that visit my website and follow me from show-to-show, I am grateful...I am definitely one, blessed lady!

It is an awesome feeling to be able to do what I truly love to do.
AND, I get to find, design and create products just for you.
"I Love My Job"! BUT, more so...I LOVE the PEOPLE I get to meet while "doing my job". Encouraging others to pull their strength from God and follow their passion is amazing ... Inspiring one to dream, even more so.

My wish is for my love of rusty, dusty, chippy, primitive, architectural antiques...my candle creations & jewelry designs to give you something to look forward to & enjoy all day...every day!
I hope to bring something new & unique with each visit. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Blessings, JillSuzanne

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