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Time 07/01/16 09:11 PM
Posted By Tiffany scordino
Location Birmingham alabama
Comment I am looking for a #65 cow tag. Maybe even 2 if you still have them. Thanks Tiffany

Time 04/08/16 10:49 AM
Posted By Joella Koerner
Location Cedar Park TX
Comment We loved your store in Warrenton. Do you have the small metal roses on your web site ---or I am just not finding them. thank you

Time 08/09/14 05:06 PM
Posted By Monica Ferguson
Location Groves, TX
Comment I absolutely LOVED visiting your store, and loved the treasures I found. I will definitely be back!!!

Time 08/13/13 10:21 PM
Posted By Lori Prescott
Location Shreveport LA
Comment Hey girl. Donna Key Herzog ordered some silver cross with turquoise beaded bracelet from you. Do you have anymore or could you make me one? Thank you

Time 08/12/13 04:06 PM
Posted By Lorrie Weidenmaier
Location Fort Cobb , Ok
Comment Can you tell me length on those xs iron braces please. Also in Warrington you had a charm that was a real small bottle. Do you have anymore of those. Thanks!!!

Time 08/12/13 04:04 PM
Posted By Lorrie Weidenmaier
Location Fort Cobb , Ok
Comment Can you tell me length on those xs iron braces please.

Time 05/19/13 05:05 PM
Posted By Carrie Wall
Location Tomball, Texas
Comment Hey Jill, I am looking for a piece of picket fence around 4-5 feet. Just checking to see if you may have such a jewel?

Time 01/22/13 09:33 AM
Posted By Pamela Viles
Location Sugar Land
Comment My friend purchased a bracelet full of different crosses, like a charm bracelet, from you at Round Top. I think my sister would love something similar, and I would like to see if you have any more of them. I am not on Facebook, but can be reached at the above email address. Thanks!

Time 11/18/12 08:08 PM
Posted By Leslie Dyer
Comment Do you have any vintage cow tags available -for brass?

Time 10/23/12 08:46 AM
Posted By Robin Richter
Location Geronimo, Texas
Comment Just wanted to say I LOVED your booth in Warrenton and I REALLY LOVE our tractor seat barstool and creme brulee candle in the old tin can!!! Glad to find you on facebook. God Bless You.

Time 10/19/12 02:47 PM
Posted By Shari Sandlin
Location Baytown, Tx.
Comment Interested in your dragonflys

Time 09/14/12 10:49 PM
Posted By Steven Boehm
Location TexasAntiqueFest.com Round Top Warrenton
Comment Will you be at the upcoming Antique Festival in the Round Top or Warrenton area? If so, where? We would like to add your map marker and promote your exhibit for FREE. Please visit our site www.TexasAniqueFest.com and click Add Entry. Email us if you need help with your GPS location.

Time 07/27/12 03:38 PM
Posted By Cindy Peresluha
Location Lively, Va.
Comment Just stopping by to THANK YOU for visiting Calico Jack's/Lively, Va. on FB. I LOVE your web page!!Did you design it? It's great. I'll mention Jillsuzanne on our page. Have a wonderful day!

Time 06/19/12 01:12 PM
Posted By maggiebarth
Location lockhart
Comment hi today i will be seeing my aunt connie i am going to show her my braclet i got from your website.

Time 06/18/12 05:54 PM
Posted By maggiebarth
Location lockhart
Comment i love your website.

Time 06/18/12 05:31 PM
Posted By maggie barth
Location lockhart
Comment hi my granny gave me a braclet that says count your blessings insted of your crosses,count your gains insread of your losses,count your smiles instead of your tears,count your courage insted of your fears,count your helf instead of your wealth,love your neighbor as much as your self.i have been wearing it sinc i got it.i love all your art work.

Time 06/14/12 11:18 AM
Posted By Dale Dranselka
Location San Antonio
Comment Thanks for getting back to me. Are you going to be at Gruene Market days this weekend? I am really anxious to buy one of those metal bed (matress) (squares) linings. I'm not sure what you call them, but everytime I go to Warrenton, you are out!! We have Bless Your Heart Giftique and always buy lots of your stuff!! You have such cute things! Keep up the good work!! Blessings, Dale

Time 06/11/12 02:25 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location In the office
Comment Dale from San Antonio, Texas...Great to hear from you! I haven't had a retail store for several years now...BUT, you can see a lot of my work here on the website, on my JillSuzanne.com FACEBOOK page...be sure and check the calendar on the website to see where we will be showing at various times during the year...AND, send me your email & I will be more than happy to send you a list of locations & dealers that carry my products :) Blessings, JillSuzanne

Time 06/11/12 02:24 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location in the office
Comment Hi JoAnn...Isn't Stephanie just the sweetest? Great to hear from you. I would love to meet you. Give me a call 409.626.1298 or drop by Warrenton during the Spring and/or Fall show. Stephanie will be setting up right behind our spaces...See you soon!

Time 06/11/12 02:22 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location buried in packages
Comment Hi Isaura...Great to hear from you. First, the necklace in my profile pic is a combination of my charms & gifts from friends, family & customers...I DO MAKE charm necklaces like this to sell. Prices range from $80-$145 depending on the number of charms you want. Second, I have a beaded bracelet packaged for you...PLEASE send me an email at jill@jillsuzanne.com with your email for invoicing. Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Time 06/08/12 08:55 PM
Posted By Isaura Smith
Location Richmond Tx
Comment Is the necklace on your fb profile pic available.....and how much? Also, I want one of the Indian beaded draw bracelets u just posted for $8.....one of the white ones. Thanks.....

Time 05/25/12 10:12 AM
Posted By Jo Ann Bohannon
Location Waco, Tx & DeQuincy, La
Comment I'm the Distributor for CeCe Caldwell Paints. Stephanie Ship has told me about you. Do you have a home base? Want to meet you.

Time 05/20/12 11:48 AM
Posted By Dale
Location San Antonio
Comment Do u have a retail shop? If so, where is it located? Love your stuff!! Thanks!

Time 05/15/12 03:00 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Wholesale Information
Comment Have several requests daily about Wholesale Purchases. Yes, I sell Wholesale. If interested in pricing/quantity info...email me at jill@jillsuzanne.com Look forward to hearing from you. Blessings, JillSuzanne

Time 05/15/12 02:58 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Check the Calendar
Comment All upcoming shows, sightings, pickings, etc...are posted on my Calendar!! Check it weekly for updates!!

Time 05/15/12 02:57 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location pouring candles
Comment Alesia from Eagle Lake, Texas...HELLLOOOO!!! Thank you for the sweet compliments about my signature-scent wax melts...Mrs. Mercy Fling with Matters of the Heart is a treasure. A blessed friend. My votives & melts are always available in her store, Matters of the Heart!

Time 05/15/12 02:55 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas-born & raised!
Comment Paula Kelley...email me at jill@jillsuzanne.com with your "stamped spoon" order & YES, MA'AM I will get them to you. And, as always...I definitely want to hear the story :):)

Time 05/15/12 02:54 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment Hi Jordan. Great to hear from you! I am in or around Austin at least once-a-month. Watch my Calendar for the wheres & whens !!

Time 05/15/12 02:53 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment Awww Ms. Dot...great to hear from you. Yes, ma'am, you know where to find me...AND, I believe I have some antique/vintage religious medals here with your name on them :)

Time 05/15/12 02:53 PM
Posted By Dot
Location Port Neches
Comment Hi there Sweetie, know you have been busy. Am so proud of you & the way your business has taken off & that you can barely keep up, hahaha. Just touching base with you. Respond when you get a chance, no hurry. I know where you are, have got to get over to see your new place soon. Love ya, Ms. Dot

Time 05/15/12 02:51 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location a little 'ol town in Texas
Comment Hi Christy....yes, ma'am, I have several shops in the Houston and surrounding areas that carry my candles and melts...send me your email & I will send you a list...Hmmmmm. I need to post one here! ah hah

Time 03/20/12 02:13 PM
Comment There's some GOOD NEWS...And, there's some NOT SO GOOD NEWS... So, here goes...and, I always do "Not So Good News" first...JillSuzanne and the other vendors along Coon Creek (Little House on the Hill Field, Warrenton) WILL NOT be setting up in their NORMAL, LONG-TIME LOCATIONS. HomeLand Security came through enforcing Flood Plains (due to the torrential rains, etc...) & are strictly enforcing NO ONE, TENTS, ETC... to be set up near the Creek....Are You Ready??? GOOD NEWS...we will be right across the bridge, still have 3 BIG TENTS & 3 trailer-loads of GOODIES!! LOOK FOR THE JILLSUZANNE SIGN !! (feel free to spread the word...there are gonna be a lot of confused people walking around, lol)

Time 02/27/12 03:11 PM
Posted By Christy
Location Conroe
Comment I LOVE your stuff! Is anyone selling your candles near the Houston Area?

Time 01/22/12 04:26 PM
Posted By Jordan
Location Austin
Comment Hey Jill, I saw that you would be in Austin this coming weekend of the 28th. Will you be selling your delicious candles or will you simply be visiting this great city?

Time 12/12/11 10:02 AM
Posted By paula Kelley
Location Niceville, FL
Comment I want 10 spoons that say Keep Your Fork Is that possible? Long story but happy to share it is you want!

Time 12/06/11 04:48 PM
Posted By Sandra Luttrell
Location Georgia
Comment Hi, I love seeing your items on Facebook. i just notified you on facebook that i would like to purchase the angel wing earrings. this is my first purchase from you and I do not know the information on buying from you, i was thinking of sending you a check or some other way you may suggest also if something is bought at the same time and one item has no shipping fee and the other item does not both are shipped separate ?

Time 11/24/11 03:57 AM
Posted By James
Location Austin, Texas
Comment Nice site

Time 11/19/11 04:34 PM
Posted By Alesia D
Location Eagle ZLake TX
Comment i recently purchased the creme brulee cubes from Matters of the Heart here in town, and i LOVE IT!! a strong, yet subtle scent throughout almost the entire house! not overpowering, just enough for my kids to say "it smells good in here!" when they came in from playing outside. i will definately be going back for the candles and more of the melt cubes!!

Time 11/16/11 08:29 AM
Posted By Cheri Plessala
Location Port Neches
Comment Hi. A friend of mine referred me to your beautiful work on your website. I was wondering if you would e interested in setting up a booth at St. Catherine School's Winter Bazaar on December 3rd. I have an entry form for you if you are interested. Would love to have you!

Time 11/14/11 06:44 PM
Posted By rane
Location katy
Comment Where & when is your next show?

Time 11/12/11 10:35 AM
Posted By Diane Baldwin
Location Ola Tx
Comment Hi Jill. I have bought your candles at warrington for a couple of years now. Just wondering to you sell wholesale? I have a small candles/antiques business. Thanks much Diane

Time 11/08/11 04:11 PM
Posted By Terri DelRe
Location California
Comment Have gone onto your website but failed to see all you have to offer for sale. My daughter has purchased several pieces from picture items sent through Facebook. Can you please send me items for sale. Can't wait to start shopping for Xmas..

Time 10/26/11 08:47 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location a little ol town in Texas
Comment Hi Crystal, YES, ma'am...I would be more than happy to sell you some keys...I have boxes of them that I use in my jewelry and with candles, etc...please feel free to email me at jill@jillsuzanne.com and let me know the amount you want. Look forward to hearing from you sweetie!! JillSuzanne

Time 10/26/11 08:46 PM
Posted By Crystal Dupuis
Comment Hello. First, let me say I love your website, jewelry, and all your cool finds. :) I am looking for some old watch faces, vintage locks and skeleton keys, or just old looking keys. I noticed all of these in your jewelry pieces and was hoping you would sell them. I want to make some shadow boxes for my room and was wondering if you would be willing to sell me some. I only need a few of each. If so, how much would these items cost? please let me know when you can. thanks.

Time 10/26/11 08:36 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment Hi Mandy...thanks for the sweet compliment...would love to send you a cowhide cross. Let me hear from you!! Jill

Time 10/26/11 08:36 PM
Posted By Mandy
Comment love your style...and would really like a hide hair cross. thanks!

Time 10/26/11 07:53 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment Hi Pauleta, Love hearing from excited customers!! I will definitely work with you regarding prices, shipping, etc... You're talking to a small-town Texas girl with Christian-to-the-core values...let's see what we can do for ya! Please email me at jill@jillsuzanne.com and let me know exactly what you are wanting to order. I will send you an invoice through paypal & ship in a flat-rate box!! Sound good?? Can't wait to hear from you. Blessings, Jill

Time 10/26/11 07:51 PM
Posted By Cindy
Location Texas
Comment Hi Jill I got some sugar molds and votives from you wholesale in Warrenton and need more. Sold them all. Clients love them!

Time 10/24/11 10:47 AM
Posted By Pauleta Hicks
Location Comanche TX
Comment Trying to order a few things from you, sugar mold, pot scrubber and berry box, can you adjust the shipping charges, not gonna be able to pay $28 SH.

Time 09/14/11 11:11 AM
Posted By fiewrinue
Location The Bahamas
Comment Good site, good luck!

Time 09/12/11 08:13 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment Hey Y'all...all orders placed now through October 15th will be shipped by November 15th...We will be in Warrenton, Texas for the next couple of weeks & won't be around to process the orders...Thank you for your consideration! See ya really soon. Jill

Time 08/31/11 07:50 AM
Posted By mandy
Comment I'd love one of the hide hair crosses if still available!

Time 08/20/11 09:48 AM
Posted By Susan
Location Plantersville,Texas
Comment Goodmorning....Was wondering if you could possibly get your hands on another one of those silver flower turquoise necklaces that you posted yesterday? Love your things!

Time 08/02/11 06:42 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location in the workshop
Comment with all your candles, remember to keep wicks trimmed to 1/4" to insure maximum burn time.

Time 07/19/11 01:04 PM
Posted By Heidi
Location Lincoln, Nebraska
Comment Jill, Thanks so much for the fun scavenger hunt. It was a blast and your photos were so full of inspiration. I just love your style, Heidi

Time 07/04/11 12:18 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment Hi Barbara. Thanks for stopping 11th Street Market in Beaumont. I appreciate our comments about my products and hope to see you soon. Be sure and check out the newest items...did a big room re-do this weekend with tons of new items....Check us out! Be sure and tell Barbara I sent you and get 10% off your purchases. js

Time 07/04/11 12:16 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment Thanks for the sweet comments about my website. We are continually working hard to bring you our latest creations. Thanks for checking in. Blessings, js

Time 07/03/11 01:46 PM
Posted By illematmoma
Location Spain
Comment I love this website!

Time 06/30/11 09:05 AM
Posted By Barbara Cunningham
Location Bridge City
Comment Love everything you sell in Beaumont at the Martket St Shop. I buy something every time I go in.

Time 06/18/11 10:00 PM
Posted By vsnikkijamesm2
Location U.S.A.
Comment Amazing webpage yours sincerely, Selena Medhus

Time 05/26/11 11:26 AM
Posted By Laura Fenton
Location Windsor Ontario
Comment lovely site...lovely things in your lovely site! :) Linda Eilers sent me.

Time 05/26/11 10:54 AM
Posted By Teressa wheeler
Location del city oklahoma
Comment just wondering to let u know that Linda Eilers send me here....cooool it is very nice. i enjoy view it.... have a Blessed Day!!!!!

Time 05/26/11 09:50 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment Over 200 zinc lids collected!! The half-pint, pint and quart ORDERS are ready to go out 1st of next week. Thank you. Jill

Time 05/25/11 10:03 AM
Posted By Theisa Short
Location Marble Falls, Texas
Comment "LIKE" Brittany Steele sent me to your site.

Time 05/25/11 08:21 AM
Posted By Tania Pappas
Location Maryland
Comment This is very nice..Linda~Eilers sent me here to view...Out~Standing :) Have ~A~ Blessed~ Day..

Time 05/25/11 08:18 AM
Posted By Tania Pappas
Comment This is Out~Standing...Linda Eiler's sent me here to view....PERFECT & Very Nice...

Time 05/16/11 03:13 PM
Posted By Angela Brittain
Location NY, NY
Comment Hi! I'm Leigh Brittain's neice and I noticed a pic of you two on her facebook page. I'm also a BIG lover of antiques and was wondering if you had any more of those dough bowls you listed in April on your facebook page? I'm getting married soon and would love to add something like that to our home! Thanks!

Time 05/09/11 09:27 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment Good Morning David. Great to hear from you. No, I do not have my candles in any stores in the Lake Charles area as of now. I am working with a unique boutique in Lafayette at the moment. Candles and other unique items will be available there in the very near future. As of right now...I would say order online or drop me a note with your order. I will ship them out within 3 days of receipt. Thanks so much. Have a great day!

Time 05/09/11 09:25 AM
Posted By David
Location Louisiana
Comment Do you sell your candles in any stores in the Lake Charles or Lafayette area? Please let me know or I can place an order online. Thank you

Time 05/05/11 10:09 AM
Location ready for shipment
Comment Check it Out!! New bangles, rings, wax melts, t-shirts....too much to mention. Check the listings, place your order....items are ready to ship! THANK YOU

Time 05/03/11 05:03 PM
Posted By Linda
Location Sulphur, LA
Comment Your candles are the BEST!!

Time 05/02/11 06:19 PM
Posted By WOO HOO
Location JillSuzanne's Website
Comment Over 31,000 lookers, shoppers, friends....I appreciate you...each and every one.

Time 05/02/11 05:55 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment Hi Mandy. Thanks for inquiry. YES MA'AM I DO WHOLESALE!!! I ship my candles to stores and boutiques throughout the states. Please let me know what you are interested in and I will be more than happy to accommodate you. Blessings, Jill

Time 05/02/11 05:54 PM
Posted By Mandy Pakebusch
Comment Just checking to see if you do wholesale???? Love your candles !!!

Time 05/02/11 05:34 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment Thank you Michele. Was great seeing you at the show in Warrenton. Yes, as we discussed during the show. All sizes and types of candles are available wholesale. Your order has been shipped. Enjoy. Wishing you great sales and look forward to hearing from you again soon. Jill

Time 05/02/11 05:33 PM
Posted By Michele
Location Grapevine, Texas
Comment Jill, had good success with the order we received from you at The Red Shed in Grapevine. Any chance you might be able to sell bigger candles than the votives? We are ready to place another order, please advise. thanks! michele

Time 05/02/11 04:41 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment Thank you Rosen. Wish I could have seen you too. Hopefully during the Fall show. Received your order and processing. Thank you. Blessings, Jill

Time 05/02/11 04:41 PM
Posted By Rosen
Location San Antonio
Comment I missed you at Warrenton. I got there too late! :( I also missed seeing Tori Spelling! How cool is that. She bought 3 beds from my sisters booth. I LOVE your signature scent. Great quick gift. Thank u, Rosen from San Antonio

Time 05/02/11 04:40 PM
Comment ALL CANDLE ORDERS placed in Warrenton will be shipped by May 1, 2011. Back-orders will be notified. Thanks a million

Time 04/15/11 06:29 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Port Neches, Texas
Comment Be sure and come see. Nethery's Trade Days & Sale On The Trail 2011. Along the El Camino Real Trail...Texas Hwy 21 & LA Hwy. 6. May 6-7. Milam, Texas. You won't want to miss this show. Small town, great atmosphere. Nethery General Merchandise...over 100 years old. SEE YOU THERE!

Time 04/11/11 05:38 PM
Posted By Melisa Franks
Location Belton, Texas 76513
Comment Hi Jill, we spoke on the phone during Roundtop. I purchased a couple of your candles, and am interested in wholesaling them at my Antique shop in Belton. Thank you in advance. Regards, Melisa

Time 03/18/11 09:04 AM
Posted By Ellen Melton
Location Nethery's Antiques Milam, Tx
Comment Would love to have you set up for Trade Days again this May 6 & 7. If you are interested, please let me know. Check out our website www.netherysantiques.com

Time 03/17/11 01:11 PM
Posted By ORDERS
Location WILL BE SHIPPED BY 4.15.11
Comment Please be aware that all orders placed with JillSuzanne March 1-April 5, 2011 will be shipped by April 15th following the Warrenton/Round Top Antiques Fair. Thank you and wishing you many blessings, Jill

Time 03/14/11 01:42 PM
Posted By INTRODUCING......
Comment NEW CANDLE SCENT JUST RELEASED FROM OUR WORKSHOP....COOKIE CRUMBLE...will be introduced during the SPRING SHOW in WARRENTON, TEXAS MARCH 23-APRIL 3, 2011...Will be sold in antique containers only. SEE YOU THERE!!

Time 02/28/11 04:25 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location a Texas girl....born & bred
Comment THANK YOU!! Over 26,000 visitors to my website. Thank you for your continued support, great comments and orders. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!! I see great things coming your way. Blessings, JillSuzanne

Time 01/18/11 09:22 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Little 'ol town in Texas
Comment COW TAGS....For those of you who repeated buy my brass cow tags from the 1930s...Well, good news! Have over 100 polished and ready for the Warrenton Spring Antiques Show and Sale. That's right! About 150 total...wholesale prices too. See you then - or - call and reserve yours and I will pack them up and have them ready. 409.626.1298

Time 01/15/11 07:11 AM
Posted By grieseKer
Location Poland
Comment Brilliant post, keep up the good work.

Time 01/11/11 08:49 PM
Posted By Christie Hollyfield
Location The Rustic Door
Comment We have a llllaaarge space for you! We really want you in here! Give me a call.

Time 12/28/10 09:18 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment TUESDAY TREAT!!!! ALL Orders received today will receive 10% off and FREE SHIPPING! Yes, you read it right! 10% off and Free Shipping...Have fun shopping!!

Time 12/27/10 08:09 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location See You Soon in Round Top,, TX
Comment Hi Y'all!! Will be showing at the Red Barn Events Center in Round Top, Texas January 15 & 16 with great friend, Theresa Cano, Garden Antqs Vintage. The Winter Antiques Show promises to be a wonderful event with lots of antiques, candles and goodies to be found. Hope to see you there.

Time 12/16/10 09:32 PM
Posted By Tammie Laird
Location Manvel, TX
Comment Jill, I love your website! Your love and zest for life shines throughout every page and link. God bless you and yours! Tammie Lewis Laird

Time 12/11/10 01:45 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location in the workshop
Comment ALL ORDERS are packed, ready and will be shipped Monday morning. Thank you and Merry CHRISTmas...JillSuzanne

Time 12/10/10 10:51 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location 10% off
Comment ALL ORDERS placed today-Saturday, December 11th....10% off. Drop me an email and let me know what you need. I will send you the grand total less 10%...Merry CHRISTmas

Time 12/09/10 01:33 AM
Posted By Crotobsertuts
Location TrianiaVokVar
Comment I love this website!

Time 11/29/10 03:14 PM
Comment Place your Christmas order TODAY, NOV. 29TH, and GET FREE SHIPPING. That's right! I WILL COVER THE SHIPPING. Blessings, JillSuzanne

Time 11/23/10 04:34 PM
Posted By Judy Heartfield
Location Belton, Texas
Comment I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband at your booth in Warrenton. I am sending you my tax id number via mail as I am interested in ordering from you wholesale. I was especially interested in the sugar mold individual candles and other small items. I will give you a call when I am ready to order. I have a couple of opportunitites to display the jewelry that I sell through my antique and collectible business. I will talk to you soon.

Time 11/23/10 04:24 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location in the workshop
Comment Hi Becky. It is so good to hear from you. I am thrilled you enjoy your candles so much. It is customers like you that keep me excited about my business. I usually just pour my creme brulee for the Spring show. If you want "peace" I will be glad to mix it and pour your votives. Just let me know what you need and the amount and I will pour them and package them for you to pick up in Warrenton. I think you will be surprised by the show in March. It is going to be bigger and better than ever. I am already getting things ready. Hope to hear from you soon. See you at the show! JillSuzanne

Time 11/23/10 04:22 PM
Posted By Becky
Comment Jill, I see you religiously at Warrenton every Marchand October to buy your candles, even if I have 12 or more at home! that is how much I love them. I have enjoyed the new candle scents, especially peace. I really wish you'd make some votives...I could use them in so many things here at home. Maybe you will surprise me this March! Let me know what you think. Sincerely, Becky

Time 11/23/10 03:26 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Port Neches, Texas
Comment Hi Kathy. WOW! It is great to hear from you. All is well here. Busy, but what's new! I call it "blessed"...instead of "busy"! We are totally enjoying the mall. Sales are awesome and it is great having our things local. Brass Armadillo sounds great. Can't wait to hear all the stories. Perfume?? It's Burberry (original). I have worn it for years. Another one of my signature-scents, lol...Momma sends her love and many hugs back atcha...Love you. Wishing you, Ardell and the kiddos a blessed holiday.

Time 11/21/10 05:05 PM
Posted By Kathy Smith
Location Kansas
Comment How's life treating you? We've been going non stop since the show~~~We already took a load down. Love your new stuff in the mall. We have a place in Brass Armadillo in Denver. Shannon wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas and I said "Jill's perfume". Now tell me again what it is? Can't wait to see you two again.... Warrenton is such a rush... Oh yeah. Tell mama HI! and lots of hugs.

Time 11/15/10 11:25 PM
Posted By Barbara Hall
Location 11th Street Market
Comment We are so excited to have you and John at Market....We love your "stuff" and what you stand for....We are thankful for this great new friendship.

Time 11/10/10 04:58 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment Now showing all original JILLSUZANNE creations from candles, jewelry, antiques, architectural finds, primitives, Christmas, etc....now featured at 11th Street Market in Beaumont, Texas. Located on North 11th Street (next to Starvin Marvin's)...Don't Miss It! This market is the best shop in Jefferson County, Texas. Tues-Sat. 10-5:30. See you soon, Jill

Time 11/10/10 04:56 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Christmas Workshop
Comment THEY ARE HERE!!! Primitive Christmas ornaments. Hand-crafted. Artist-designed. AWESOME!! Pictures will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned and ENJOY!!

Time 11/10/10 04:56 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment Hi Ellen...Yes, you did see a cake stand made of metal. My son makes them for me. They are $35. If you are interested, let me know and I can send one to you. Thank you, Jill

Time 11/09/10 07:35 PM
Posted By Kim Zaby
Location Kaufman, Tx
Comment WHat locations will you be at in November and Dec, we visit you @ Warrenton in spring and fall. Love creme buelee wax tarts.

Time 11/03/10 01:29 PM
Posted By Julie Luman
Location The Woodlands
Comment Wondering if you have received my order for leather scented candles and a holder.

Time 10/24/10 09:29 PM
Posted By Ellen
Location LA
Comment Hey Jill, OK--have I completely lost my mind??Did I see something that looks like a cake stand made of metal on your site??? They looked really cool--and I think I NEED one!! Thanks!

Time 10/21/10 06:41 PM
Posted By JillSuznne
Location from the workshop in Texas
Comment Hi Charles & Lisa. Great to hear from you. Orders from Warrenton and website are currently being shipped and will continue through next week. Excited to hear from you and look forward to continued business. Blessings, Jill...p.s. a little surprise for you in your package. ENJOY!!

Time 10/21/10 06:40 PM
Posted By Charles
Location Louisiana
Comment Hi. I searched, asked and finally googled you. So glad the wife and I found you and more excited to find your candles again. We have bought look-alikes at a local shop, but definitely not yours. Excited to receive our order. Thank you again. Chuck & Lisa

Time 10/19/10 07:11 PM
Posted By Joan
Comment Jill, I bought a brass cow tag and love it. I need more. Please let me know what numbers are available. Thank you, Joan

Time 10/19/10 07:10 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location little 'ol town in Texas
Comment Hi Sheryl, It was a pleasure meeting you and your familiy in Warrenton. The candle is on me...It will be shipped next week. Keep doing what you're doing and God will bless you and yours always. Let's just continue to pay forward. blessings, JillSuzanne

Time 10/19/10 07:09 PM
Posted By Sheryl Murrah
Location Canyon Lake, Texas
Comment Dear Jill. Thanks a million for the fleur de leis candle holder and candle. I always plan to pay things forward and I do believe to give from the heart. I so appreciate your gift and Christian giving of the candle holder and candle. I would like to order a fleur de leis' candle holder and a candle to give as a gift to pay it forward. Please send me the price so I can pay you before you send the merchandise. Appreciation, Sheryl. Have a day filled with blessings!

Time 10/19/10 07:07 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location In the workshop
Comment Hi Jessica...Yes, I will send you the candles requested and I will cover the shipping. Thank you for your order. Blessings, Jill

Time 10/19/10 07:06 PM
Posted By Jessica
Location San Antonio, Texas
Comment Jill, I purchased a candle holder from your booth at Round Top/Warrenton this weekend and I love it. Can you send me four of the candles at your earliest convenience? Thanks, Jessica

Time 10/19/10 07:05 PM
Posted By Judy
Location Texas
Comment I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband on Sunday at your booth in Warrenton. I am interested in many of your items, candles and other small items. I will give you a call and place an order. Sincerely, Judy

Time 10/19/10 07:04 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment Hi Tina, Thanks for the order. It will be shipped by the end of next week. I appreciate your business and am so sorry we were out of your favorites during the show. Blessings, Jill

Time 10/19/10 07:03 PM
Posted By Tina
Location Houston, Texas
Comment Jill, I saw you at the Antique show in Warrenton, Texas this Sunday and you had run out of the creme brulee votives. I am interested in ordering single wood holders with silver crosses on the front and the votives. Thanks so much.

Time 10/19/10 07:02 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment Hi Doris..Will be sending out your candles next week. I will be more than happy to send you your order and I will cover the shipping. It was nice to see you in Warrenton. Sorry I was sold out of your favorite candles. The show was tremendous!! I do have a holiday scent I created several years back. I will be more than happy to send you a sample. Let me know what you think about them. Blessings, Jill

Time 10/19/10 07:01 PM
Posted By Doris
Location Shiner, Texas
Comment Hi Jill: I was at Warrenton and missed your creme brulee candles that were sold out. Can you please send me 6 if possible. I am also interested in a Christmas holiday candle. Thank you.

Time 10/19/10 06:59 PM
Posted By Jennifer McCorkle
Location Katy, Texas
Comment I came in to your booth a few weekends ago in Warrenton/Round Top. You were sold out of your signature-scent candles. I want to order some and thank you for the free shipping. Can't wait to get them.

Time 10/19/10 06:58 PM
Posted By Elisa
Comment Jill, your website looks great. Thanks for the letter. I have your Folger's Coffee Can candle and absolutely love it! Thank you!!

Time 10/19/10 06:57 PM
Posted By Kathleen Jonick
Location Under One Roof
Comment We visited your store in Round Top/Warrenton and fell in love with your stuff. My partner and I are interested in having you show at our Market. Can't wait to hear from you.

Time 10/19/10 06:56 PM
Posted By Brenda
Location Milam, Texas
Comment Thank you for the wholesale prices on my charms and items. I appreciate all you did for me.

Time 10/19/10 06:56 PM
Posted By Becky
Location Texas
Comment I see you religiously in Warrenton every March and October. I love your votives and use them in so many things. THANK YOU

Time 10/18/10 11:19 AM
Posted By Larry White
Comment I knew I liked you. You are an Irish lass.... Thanks for your kindness. the candle is wonderful....

Time 10/18/10 09:32 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment HI DORI....was great seeing you again in Warrenton. I always look forward to seeing my repeat-customers as well as meeting new ones. I am pouring PEACE candles specifically for you. Let me know through email exactly what you want and I will ship them free-of-charge. Thanks for everything. Was great seeing you again. Jill

Time 10/18/10 09:30 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Port Neches, Texas
Comment Hi Christina Sillavan from Brenham, Texas. Was great meeting you in Warrenton. YES, you can order the candles wholesale for your salon. Please email me through jill@jillsuzanne.com and I can forward all the details. Thanks for the inquiry. I look forward to doing business with you. Jill

Time 10/18/10 09:28 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location in the workshop
Comment Hi Shelly. The scripture bracelets you mentioned are on order and should be here soon. I will email you with the scriptures available and ship free-of-charge. Thanks for asking and hope to talk to you soon. Jill

Time 10/18/10 09:27 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment Hi Julie Luman...Sorry I was out of the candles you wanted during the Fall show in Warrenton. We can never guess-timate exactly how many we will need. Orders are being filled and yours will be shipped soon. Thank you for everything. Can't wait to see you in the Spring. Blessings, Jill

Time 10/18/10 09:25 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas
Comment Hi Xrumer Service...thanks for the comments about my website. We, as a team, have done our best to keep it easily accessible and attractive. Revisions coming soon. Keep checking back to see all the new products. Thank you for your order. I appreciate your business. Jill

Time 10/15/10 01:28 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Port Neches, Texas
Comment Thank you Rachel Ashwell, RED, Garden Antqs Vintage, Inheritance, and all the others for visiting my space in Warrenton, my website and for the orders placed. I appreciate you!! Blessings,Jill

Time 10/12/10 10:01 PM
Posted By xrumer service
Comment Hello - I gotta say, I am happy with your website. I had no difficulty navigating through all the tabs and the information was really easy to gain access to. I found what I required in no time at all. Pretty awesome. Thank you

Time 10/12/10 04:29 PM
Posted By Julie Luman
Location The Woodlands
Comment You were out of the Cowboy-Up candles at your booth in Round Top. You said to mention this when ordering. I just ordered a candle holder and cowboy-up votives. Love your business! We'll be there in the Spring, too! Thanks.

Time 10/03/10 09:11 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Warrenton,Texas
Comment A BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all my friends and loyal customers for the biggest and best show ever in Warrenton/Round Top, Texas. I am in awe of the wonderful response and reaction to my products and displays. Love to bring three 26' trailers to the show and leave with displays. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Already shopping and planning for Spring 2011. Blessings, JillSuzanne

Time 10/02/10 03:29 PM
Posted By Shelly Kolle
Location Inez, Tex. near Victoria
Comment I want some more of the prayer is the answer bracelets....do you have 'I know the plans I have for you, etc. Jer29:11...couldn't find where you have a list of the ones availale....I was at Warrenton and you ran out. THANKS!!!

Time 09/29/10 03:19 PM
Posted By Carey Dawson
Location Cibolo, TX
Comment Hello, I am Jennifer's friend. She bought me a cross ring fm your store this past weekend and I just wanted to say I love it! Hope to make it to one of your shows sometime. Take Care....

Time 09/28/10 02:30 PM
Posted By Christina Sillavan
Location Brenham, TX
Comment First time at Warrenton--saw your candle in small mason jar--wonder if I can buy whole sale for salon in Brenham?

Time 09/17/10 05:26 PM
Posted By Dori
Location Sugar Land
Comment Hi Suzanne! My friends and I are so looking forward to seeing you in Warrenton!! You are our favorite stop. We are specifically looking for some of your Peace scented candles. Will you have them with you this fall? Thank you! dori

Time 09/14/10 07:02 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Warrenton, TX Antiques Show & Sale
Comment We will be arriving in Warrenton Friday, 9.17.10 to begin set-up for the Biggest and Best Antiques Show & Sale in the Country....YAYYYY! Show dates 9.22.10-10.3.10...You can find us in our 10-year-location in Little House on the Hill Field next to the Creek. Same spot. Lots of goodies. AND, we've added a 20x20 garden area behind our tents!! Check it out! You won't want to miss it.

Time 09/11/10 01:00 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Port Neches, Texas
Comment In answer to a comment I choose not to post. Sabotage is a big thing! It's an unChristian-like thing. All I can say is... what goes around-comes-around and I am so thankful I keep a clear conscience.

Time 09/02/10 09:30 AM
Posted By Rene Rogers Buckley
Location San Antono TX
Comment Hi JILL Love your website!!! Soooo nice love the pics n all-- Bout to go shoppin! So happy for your success! Luv Rene

Time 08/29/10 05:17 AM
Posted By dzwonki
Location US
Comment I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

Time 08/28/10 06:59 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location a word to my readers
Comment Just a note...I have been receiving a lot of notes lately in the "guestbook" that are drawing concern on my part. I am going to respond because my heart tells me to. Not sure who I am talking to...just feel the need to reach out. I'm sorry if this offends anyone...just can't let it slip through the cracks. I feel someone is reaching out for help. So....here I go.

Time 08/28/10 06:57 PM
Posted By Chance
Comment To Posted By Chance: You are more than correct. It is all about keeping it real! Real is right! Real is correct! Real is real! Believe what you say...say what you believe...know what is in your heart! Just remember...it is only TRUE and REAL if the Big Man says so! Only HE Can tell what's REAL...NOT YOU!! You can't just Talk the Talk...You have to Walk the Walk!!

Time 08/28/10 08:23 AM
Posted By dieta
Location US
Comment Great Post. I add this Blog to my bookmarks.

Time 08/27/10 03:17 PM
Posted By canon lenses
Location United States
Comment Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

Time 08/27/10 12:42 PM
Posted By tanie rozmowy
Location US
Comment I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

Time 08/27/10 07:25 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location on the road again
Comment Heading East to check out some different properties. Haven't found the "perfect" place yet, but we are on the look-out. Will definitely keep you posted. The "oh, let's go there, shop and have fun" place may be in your area sooner than you think. Take care and I'll keep you posted.

Time 08/27/10 05:19 AM
Posted By gry online
Location US
Comment You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

Time 08/25/10 10:15 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment Hello Kosmetyki. Love the name. What nationality? Thanks for adding my website to your bookmarks. Hope you get a chance to visit daily and see what's going on in the world of jillsuzanne.

Time 08/25/10 10:14 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location at home updating the website
Comment Hi Karty, Thanks for the email. So thankful you find the blog and website interesting and love the fact you are visiting daily. As you will notice...new items, photos, updates, etc...are posted daily. Glad to see you here and hope to hear from you again. Take care, Jill

Time 08/24/10 02:51 PM
Posted By karty kredytowe
Location USA
Comment I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

Time 08/24/10 02:03 PM
Posted By kosmetyki
Location United States
Comment Thanks For This Blog, was added to my bookmarks.

Time 08/23/10 04:03 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location in my little 'ol candle factory
Comment NEW SCENTS now available. They have been mixed, created, tried and tested by the multitudes. You won't want to miss my new creations. Available are Granny's Apple Pie, Spice, Christmas Memories, Signature-Scent Creme Brulee Mix, Cowboy-Up (leather mixture), Peace and At-Home (similar to Maggie's Scent). Diligently working on 2 more that should be available within the next two weeks. Don't miss out. They are yummy!

Time 08/23/10 04:01 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Port Neches, Texas
Comment Hi Marilyn, Thanks for the note. Can't wait to see you all again. I sure do miss Gingerbread Square, you, Laura and the gang. Thanks for the sweet comments about the website and blog. I appreciate your kindness. See you soon. Hugs back atcha, Jill p.s. the show is 9/23-10/3.

Time 08/23/10 02:21 PM
Posted By Marilyn
Location Lumberton
Comment Hi Jill, we will be seeing you in Warrenton on Sept. 1st. Absolutely LOVE your website and blog! Hugs, Martilyn (Laura's mom)

Time 08/22/10 05:00 PM
Posted By Jill
Comment All day today...a song in my head. "Will It Go Round In Circles...yea, yea....Will It Fly High Like A Bird Up In The Sky?" I guess the meaning of this is "What goes around...Comes Around". All I can say is "whatever happens...happens for a reason. Maybe all should contemplate life's true meaning before doing unto others."

Time 08/22/10 02:26 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location in the house working...working
Comment What a productive day! Lots of new products designed for the upcoming show in Warrenton. Supper on the stove. Kids are coming over this evening for some family-time. Life is good! God is better!

Time 08/21/10 02:53 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Texas through-and-through
Comment A big heart-felt thank you! Over 11,000 hits on the website. Doing the "happy dance" here in little 'ol Port Neches, Texas.

Time 08/16/10 10:35 PM
Posted By Joseph
Location Amarillo
Comment My wife is so excited. We received our order today and she is ecstatic. She is planning on giving the sugar mold sets as wedding gifts. We have three this month. Thank you. We will see you again in Warrenton. Thanks for everything. Joe

Time 08/16/10 08:13 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location Back in Port Neches and off to Warrenton
Comment Due to the influx of guestbook entries on the website, we have added an "activate" button on the back-end of the site. That way, all entries are not automatically added to the list. The "activate" button will allow us to respond to the entries before they are posted. THANKS and HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON!

Time 08/12/10 07:07 AM
Posted By Mae
Location Fredericksburg, TX
Comment Just received my order. I am so excited. Everything is just as I had wished. The necklace you created is awesome. I have it on as we speak. The candles are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for everything.

Time 08/12/10 07:05 AM
Posted By Rex
Location Texas
Comment Just saw where you will be arriving in Warrenton on Sept. 18th. I'll be there for the trailer unloading. Can't wait to see what you brought.

Time 08/08/10 05:41 PM
Posted By gry
Location US
Comment You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

Time 08/04/10 08:58 AM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location On the Road to the Amish Country
Comment Good Morning Theresa, You are more than welcome for the post. I always do my best to lead my friends on a fun buying trip. Please email me the directions to Judy Hill's place. Would love to come see you and all your wonderful things. Take care, Jill

Time 08/04/10 08:56 AM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location On the Road Again
Comment Guess I'm working on my bucket list and taking one of my dream trips...We are on our way to the World's Largest/Longest Garage Sale...from Alabama to Tennessee...and, then on to West Virginia and the Pennsylvania Amish Country...We will be bringing one of our biggest loads to Warrenton's Fall Antiques Show. Be sure to stop by and see what we're bringing to you. 3 trailer loads. See you soon. Blessings, Jill

Time 08/02/10 03:26 PM
Posted By Theresa~Garden Antqs Vintage
Location Texas
Comment Jill, you are just the sweetest to post what's happening in my world! Thank you for doing that. We got all moved in The Antique Company Mall in McKinney and would love for you shop with me there. I'll be at Judy Hill's place at the end of the month. I'm not sure how far that is for you, but if you'd like to come out, email me and I'll give you directions. See you really soon, T

Time 08/01/10 09:26 AM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment Just returning from an East Texas buying trip. 3 fabulous days and a trailer-FULL of wonderful finds. Mantles, Pennsylvania cupboards, spice boxes from Nebraska, marquee letters, entirely too much to list. Can't wait to unload in Warrenton, Texas. Will be there September 17th. WOO HOO!!! 3 trailer-loads of goodies coming your way!

Time 08/01/10 04:48 AM

Time 07/28/10 06:12 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment Wickless Candle Melts are now featured on the website. You will want to check them out. They will work in any warmer, including Scentsy. You will love the way these concentrated melts will spread the aroma of my signature-scent through your home. They are also available in my other custom-mixed scents. Several new scents available. Hot sellers. Will be sold in sets of 3 for $10. Thanks for looking. Blessings, Jill

Time 07/18/10 05:10 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment Hey Guys...and Girls....Be sure and check out my new FACEBOOK page.... jillsuzanne.com We have lots of new items posted there as well as the website. Feel free to "add jillsuzanne.com as a friend". I would be thrilled to hear from you here or there. Hope to see ya soon. Jill

Time 07/18/10 12:30 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment Good Morning Dot, It is great to hear from you. Thanks for the compliments on my "stuff". The only charms I have that are 100% sterling and not an over-lay are the ones I attach to my "charmed" necklaces. I create these and have 3 available at the moment. I will post pics on the website so you can see them...I will also email you a copy through facebook. Thanks for writing. Was great to hear from you. Jill

Time 07/17/10 03:55 PM
Posted By Dot Barbay
Location Port Neches, Tx. 77651
Comment Hi Jill, I am Julie Barbay's MOm from St. Elizabeth's. I love your "stuff". I can only wear sterling silver next to my body. Are some of the charms SS? Please RSVP. Thanks, Dot

Time 07/15/10 09:25 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment For all of you who like to use candle warmers....I will be featuring a new item next Tuesday....a 6 pack of my signature-scent (creme brulee mix) to be used in your candle warmers. $4 each or 3/$10. Check back Tuesday and see the photos. Thank you

Time 07/15/10 08:48 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment Be sure and check out the new prices! All items have been reduced to show my appreciate for the wonderful support and continued patronage of my valued customers. Thank you for several wonderful years. You are appreciated!

Time 07/13/10 10:05 AM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment GRAND OPENING of RK DEVILLE ANTIQUES in Jennings, LA. Saturday, July 24, 2010 from 10a.m.-6p.m. Christmas in July sales throughout the store. BBQ by John. Live Band. Auction on the grounds. Don't miss it. Too much info. to list. Hope to see you there....1424 Elton Road, Jennings, LA....Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time 07/08/10 07:24 AM
Posted By rk deville antiques
Location 1424 elton rd jennings, la
Comment grand opening july 24 food music--cajun style-- AUCTION---much more VIEN NOUS VOIR

Time 07/06/10 09:29 AM
Posted By Jill
Location Texas
Comment THANK YOU ALL for the BOTTLE TREE ORDERS! They are coming in quickly as we are preparing for the Warrenton, TX Fall Antiques Show & Sale. Can't wait to see you there with all the new designs.

Time 06/09/10 07:32 PM
Posted By Connie Britton
Location Sulphur, LA
Comment Took a trip to Jennings. Bob Deville showed us your room upstairs. I have to say it is first rate. We enjoyed it.

Time 06/02/10 08:50 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Comment Heading to Leftovers Antiques in Brenham, Texas this weekend. The pictures are awesome of the truckload sale they are having. Brought in 4 semis of new product. YAY!!! I will be there will bells on. Can't wait.

Time 05/26/10 05:18 AM
Posted By Maeve
Location Nederland
Comment love all your items!!!

Time 05/25/10 05:50 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location jillsuzanne.com on FACEBOOK
Comment FACEBOOK page for jillsuzanne.com is up-and-running. Check it out! New and exciting merchandise and photos.

Time 05/18/10 04:31 PM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location www.jillsuzanne.com
Comment Check It Out!! Over 10 new items listed today...Newest creation and best-seller is "cork it"...CHECK THEM OUT!! You will want several for gifts. Blessings, jillsuzanne

Time 05/18/10 02:35 PM
Posted By Raymond
Location Lake Charles, LA
Comment Order received. Promptly. Perfect. My wife and I are thrilled with the candles and she loves her bracelet. Thank you. Raymond

Time 05/18/10 10:59 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location www.jillsuzanne.com
Comment Be sure and check the site daily...newly created items are being posted daily as well as newly acquired antique pieces...don't miss 'em...they are going fast! p.s.....new location will be announced soon!!

Time 05/05/10 11:32 AM
Posted By Diane Cook
Location www.rosajosies.com
Comment Ahhh, saw your little post about our semi-annual visit! You know I posted about you & always do....did you see your picture? Take care my friend =) diane http://rosa-josies.blogspot.com/2010/04/hardest-decision-of-day-was.html

Time 05/05/10 03:19 AM
Posted By bob
Comment catch me catch me if y can----de cache'

Time 05/03/10 01:43 PM
Posted By Brooke
Location Port Neches
Comment We had a great time this weekend! Very excited about all of the new finds. Can't wait to see what NEW CREATIONS will end up on the site next!

Time 05/01/10 06:23 AM
Posted By JillSuzanne
Location On The Road Again
Comment Be sure and watch the site during the next couple of weeks. We're on the road, buying, buying, buying....Many new items will be posted during the next couple of weeks. We have found so many unique and one-of-a-kind treasures to share with you.Can't wait for you to see them...

Time 04/12/10 09:00 AM
Posted By Connie
Location Houston
Comment Love my bottle tree. It is a great addition to our garden. Thanks for delivering it to us!

Time 04/08/10 07:46 AM
Posted By Anonymous
Location Louisiana
Comment Just wanted you to know I loved your article in Show Daily magazine! What a nice read. Headed to your show area and was totally impressed by your set-up, design, candles and artistic impression. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Time 04/06/10 03:36 PM
Posted By Anonymous
Location Granbury, Texas
Comment Loved your space in Warrenton. I love my "Among Friends" charms. They are a hit at the store. I am placing a new order now. Thanks so much!!

Time 04/06/10 11:51 AM
Posted By Doug
Location El Campo, TX
Comment My wife and I enjoyed visiting with you and your husband during antiques week. What a great time we had. Music was good, loved the atmosphere of your space. You are a true lady. Thank you for your hospitality. p.s. my wife is in love with her candles. We will be back. See you in the Fall!! Oh yea..thanks for the koozie.

Time 04/06/10 11:49 AM
Posted By Bethany
Location College Station, TX
Comment What a wonderful experience!! I visited your show in Warrenton this past week and was in awe of your decorating style and your products. I love my candles and the unique jewelry piece I purchased. Thank you..

Time 04/05/10 02:08 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Bryan, Tx
Comment I was in "Warrenton" area on Saturday & almost jumped out of the window when I saw your 'shop'.....my name is Jill Suzanne, too!!!! Rarely, do I run into anyone w/the name Jill....muchless....my full name!!!! Just thought I'd let you know that someone 'out there' shares your name!!!!!

Time 03/28/10 05:02 PM
Posted By Jasun and Jennifer
Location Cibolo, TX
Comment Hi Jill! Just wanted to say what a great time we had in Warrenton this past weekend. We're already enjoying the candles and cannot wait for the next show.

Time 03/15/10 06:33 AM
Posted By Connie
Location Seguin, Texas
Comment Love, love, love my candles and the necklace you created for me. I am in awe of your work. I can't wait to see what you've designed for the show in Warrenton. See you soon.

Time 02/23/10 05:41 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne Murphy-Wills
Location Port Neches, TX
Comment I would like to thank all of you for your heartfelt words and prayers during the loss of my dear, sweet Daddy, Robert Lee (Bob) Harmon. Your prayers are being answered and peace if felt within the family. Thank you and God Bless. Jill

Time 02/16/10 09:05 AM
Posted By Renee
Location New Roads, LA
Comment Wanted to let you know that my daughter loves the ring! Thanks for going out of your way to help. Again, many thanks and we'll look you up if we make it to the spring show. Have a great day-

Time 02/10/10 06:17 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Port Neches, Texas
Comment Just in time for the Spring Warrenton Antiques Show! Candles are ready, jewelry is complete, antiques are packed, architectural salvage just in from New Orleans, cupboards being picked up this weekend from South Dakota....this show is full of new and unusual items. You won't want to miss it. March 20-April 6, 2010. We are located in our same location...10 years now...across from Third Base and next to Coon Creek in Little House on the Hill field. Can't wait to see you there! BIGGER and BETTER than ever!!!

Time 02/01/10 02:55 PM
Posted By Beth
Location Frisco,TX
Comment Just wanted to let you know I love your site...received my order promptly and can't wait to see you in Warrenton. Bringing a carload of girls to see you. Thank you!

Time 01/12/10 01:24 PM
Posted By Jill
Location Texas
Comment CANDLES IN SMITHVILLE, TEXAS. JillSuzanne signature-scent creme brulee candles can now be found at: The Looking Glass 1655 NE Loop 230 Smithville, Texas 78957 512-237-4700 You won't want to miss this shop. Owner, Kim Lerche, is on hand to offer many unique items and services to you. Go my and see her. p.s. her shop smells great! JillSuzanne candles available!!

Time 12/03/09 01:21 PM
Posted By Cheryl Morton
Location Austin, TX
Comment Hi Y'all, I alwlays buy candles from you in Warrenton...LOV'EM so much!!!!!...I have a question for you..last time we talked you told me about a store opening in Georgetown, TX that was going to be AWESOME but I can't remember the name....please help...thank you friends and I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas! Love, Cheryl

Time 11/29/09 05:20 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Port Neches, TX
Comment THANK YOU PORCH MAGAZINE!!! for the wonderful 2-page photo spread of my product. The photos are absolutely wonderful. What a nice surprise to open my magazine and see my items. A SINCERE THANK YOU!!

Time 11/16/09 11:13 AM
Posted By Debra
Location Texas
Comment I received my candle shipment yesterday and everything is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much

Time 11/13/09 09:53 AM
Posted By Erin and Staff
Location The UPS Store- Nederland
Comment Wow!! The candles smell amazing. Thank you so much for our candle. The store smells AMAZING!

Time 11/01/09 02:25 PM
Posted By stacey polasek
Location houston
Comment i thought i saw a while back a on ur site a fire pit that wz made out of metal w curlyQ designs cut out of the side of it.is this the correct website. if so will u be able to get more.thanks stacey

Time 10/24/09 11:43 AM

Time 10/20/09 10:48 AM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment Hi Pat. Yes, I do. Please feel free to email me directly at jill@jillsuzanne.com and I will be more than happy to get the requested information to you. Thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you. Blessings,Jill

Time 10/20/09 10:44 AM
Posted By Pat
Location Texas
Comment Bought some items from you at Roundtop - great stuff. Do you sell your items wholesale; jewelery iswhat I'm intersted in mostly

Time 10/13/09 03:09 PM
Posted By Christa
Location Texas
Comment WOW Jill.. You have done such a wonderful job. The site is SUPER, Your items DEFINE! I am very proud of you. Blessings to you and your family.

Time 10/13/09 09:47 AM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment JEWELRY: I am organizing, photographing and pricing many new items / styles of jewelry that will be posted very soon to the website. Be sure and check it out!!! You will not want to miss out on the hottest, newest items out there!

Time 10/12/09 09:05 AM
Posted By Charlotte
Location New Braunfels
Comment Hi Jill, Oh my gosh. I am the person who did not get her charmes. Just this Saturday I finally got to open up my goodies from my big day at Warrenton and sure enough I have no charmes. I was so dissapointed. Love my candle I got but I was really looking forward to my charmes. They were 2 key charms and a saying charm. I was so glad that that you put your card w/email in my bag. So I was so excited this moring when I got on your website and they was the message that you had my charms. Thank you so much. Please let me know how to get them. Charlotte

Time 10/05/09 09:31 PM
Posted By Laverne
Comment hi Suzanne, love your site....I bought some of your candles at Warrenton last week. I can tell they aren\'t going to last long around here and was going to order more. I have the creme brulee and the spice. Thank you for a wonderful product .....see you in the spring

Time 10/05/09 03:57 PM
Posted By Denise Hickey
Location Woodlands/Spring
Comment Love your website. I'm glad I saw your ad in the "Show Daily". You'd be great at our trunk show Dec. 1st and 2nd. Please visit www.augustapinestrunk.com and call me if you have any questions. This will be a bi-annual event. We will also expand to another country club in 2010.

Time 10/04/09 09:47 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment Thanks so much for such a tremendous show in Warrenton, Texas. You will be able to purchase your favorite "signature-scent" (creme brulee) candles throughout the states at your favorite shops. Several more stores have ordered during the show offering your favorite jillsuzanne candles. As always, thank you for your continued support and for allowing me to share my passion with you. Blessings, Jill

Time 10/04/09 09:44 PM
Posted By Friends in Illinois
Comment it was delightful seeing you and your husband again in warrenton. i absolutely love the candle. it has such a light but lingering scent. my whole house smells like fall. and it feels like fall here =) what a drastic temperature difference from texas 90\'s to illinois 50\'s! hoping you are back home and able to relax. we\'re glad to be home with the kids but not thrilled to be back to work *smiles* have a beautiful evening. blessings... polly

Time 10/04/09 08:37 PM
Posted By Polly
Location Porch Magazine
Comment I had to let you know that we're resting around the fire and LOVING your candle! Thank you so much. Blessings... Polly

Time 09/22/09 07:47 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Douglasville Ga
Comment Great site! Great name ;)!

Time 09/21/09 09:51 PM
Posted By Dana & Sherry
Location Shelbyville, TX
Comment Just saying HAPPY BD to Jimbob and I love your website. Obviously, everyone LOVES you! Are you ever home? lol Love ya'll.

Time 09/15/09 09:07 AM
Posted By Pharmk183
Location USA
Comment Very nice site!

Time 09/11/09 11:07 AM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment GOOD MORNING!!! I want to thank everyone for a tremendous kick-off to my website. We are excited about our upcoming show in Warrenton/Round Top, Texas and hope to see you all there. Those of you who placed orders can pick them up at the show site anytime after September 19th. Thanks again for the tremendous outpour of support. Without YOU...we couldn't do what we do! Blessings, Jill

Time 08/29/09 01:59 PM
Posted By Grady's Momma
Location Port Neches
Comment Jimbob is working hard on the bottle trees. Hope they are as successful as the last show! Everyone should check them out on the website!!! I'm so proud of my husband and mom-n-law. Love ya

Time 08/18/09 05:14 PM
Posted By Sheila
Comment Love the site. Love your product. Thanks for the wholesale aspect of the business. Kicked it with the Warrenton purchases last Spring and looking forward to receiving my order. Thanks so much! This is awesome!!

Time 08/04/09 12:14 PM
Posted By Anonymous
Location Sherman, Texas
Comment This is Fabulous!!

Time 08/02/09 11:23 PM
Posted By Diane Cook
Location Groves, Tx
Comment I enjoyed your web site. It is great! Best wishes for much success in your busienss.

Time 07/29/09 01:19 PM
Posted By Celia
Location Austin
Comment Just received my chains and charms. They are the absolute best I've seen! Thanks so much. We are compiling our next order for the store. Will send it by end of week. Thank You. Love your product, your style and your energy.

Time 07/17/09 03:42 PM
Posted By Kelly
Location Texas
Comment Just received my 2nd order and I am thrilled! 1st one SOLD OUT. This one is mostly pre-sold. I will be placing another one this weekend. Thank you for your courtesy and your product. I love everything and so do my customers.

Time 07/14/09 07:04 PM
Posted By Laura
Location Louisiana
Comment Love the site! I wish you well. I know you will continue thrilling us all beyond belief. Love the look. Love the products. Can't wait to receive my order. Good Luck!

Time 07/12/09 07:48 PM
Posted By Anonymous
Location Sulphur, Louisiana
Comment I absolutely LOVE your signature-scent candles. Can't get them anywhere else like yours. Thanks for shipping my order so quickly. They are wonderful. Smell good enough to eat. Keep up the good work. I just emailed my next order. THANKS. Oh, and by the way, I love your site.

Time 07/11/09 09:12 PM
Posted By Anonymous
Location Louisiana
Comment Been missing you at 81. The store isn't the same with you there. I am ordering my candles and can't wait to receive them. I am telling all my friends too. Love the site. Keep up the good work. Thank you Jill. I can't wait to get my order.

Time 07/11/09 01:27 AM
Posted By Ananiaver
Location USA
Comment Wow!

Time 07/05/09 11:57 PM
Posted By Sarah
Location Nederland
Comment Everything looks wonderful ~ love all the new stuff. I'm so proud of you Mom! LOVE LOVE

Time 07/04/09 09:14 AM
Posted By Anonymous
Location Texas
Comment Most wonderful site I've ever seen. Love my candles and can't wait to receive my next order.

Time 07/01/09 10:10 PM
Posted By ur favorite niece
Location spurger
Comment aunt jill, i come everyday to look to see what is new! i love the telephone sign, lol! where did u find that?? i need candles, really bad. my house smells like stinky boys and i cant figure out why! looks great and i know u will do great

Time 06/30/09 09:58 PM
Posted By jillsuzanne
Comment THANKS to all for the sweet comments and messages. This experience is beyond belief. All orders are more than appreciated. It has been overwhelming. I am blessed and love sharing the blessings. Thanks so much. Jill

Time 06/30/09 09:28 AM
Posted By Annalee
Location Missouri
Comment The candles are delicious! SOLD out and look forward to receiving my next order. Thanks so much for your kindness and your wonderful product.

Time 06/29/09 12:03 PM
Posted By Cuz'n Terri
Location St. Louis, MO
Comment What a wonderfule site Jill! Love seeing the family pictures in between the merchandise. I am sharing your link with friends. Wishing you much success! Love,Terri

Time 06/25/09 09:28 PM
Posted By Susan
Location Pittsburgh, PA
Comment What a terrific site and I'm not one bit suprised! I'll be visiting again soon. Wishing you the very best! Susan

Time 06/25/09 11:07 AM
Posted By HD and Betty
Location St. Louis, MO
Comment Great site Jill. Will pass it on to the family. Good Luck! Uncle HD and Aunt Betty

Time 06/23/09 09:50 AM
Posted By Ann Fondren
Location Nederland
Comment Jill: Thanks for the note in the mail to introduce me to your new website!! I really enjoyed looking at all the stuff. Good luck!! Ann Fondren

Time 06/22/09 09:52 PM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Comment Theresa, thanks so much for posting the site. Your blog is awesome, one of my addictions. I will post a link to share with all my friends. See you soon. Love ya, Jill

Time 06/22/09 09:14 PM
Posted By Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage
Location Huntsville Tx
Comment Jill: I did a post on my blog tonight to introduce your site. I wish you much success and see you soon, Theresa-http://gardenantqs.blogspot.com/

Time 06/20/09 01:18 PM
Posted By Sharon
Location Spurger, TX
Comment Loving it! I'm spreading the word about your new site. Good Luck!!

Time 06/20/09 07:00 AM
Posted By Amy
Location Port Neches, Texas
Comment Hey Jill - love the new website - it is GREAT! Makes it much easier to shop. Have a great day!

Time 06/20/09 06:58 AM
Posted By karen & davis
Location Orange, Texas
Comment The website looks great! Looks fabulous!You are going to do well. Blessings back atacha.

Time 06/20/09 06:55 AM
Posted By Jill Suzanne
Location Texas
Comment Welcome to the site jillsuzanne.com. I hope you enjoy it as much as we are. I'm very excited to be introducing this aspect of my business to the world market. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Blessings, Jill

Time 06/20/09 06:52 AM
Posted By Tammy
Location Texas
Comment glad to see your site up and running. it looks beautiful! i have already found a couple of things i will order and can't wait to see what is to come in the future. i wish you much success with this new aspect of your business!

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